Camiz Cakez, student business makes elaborate cakes for Tuscaloosa 

Gabriella Puccio-Johnson, Contributing Writer

College student by day, small business owner, artist and baker by night. Cami Krzeminski, a junior majoring in graphic design, is known around Tuscaloosa for her beautiful, homemade cakes. As the sole worker behind her company, Camiz Cakez, Krzeminski works hard every day to both maintain her grades and satisfy customers.  

Krzeminski started baking with her Easy Bake oven in her home in Granbury, Texas, when she was just 9 years old. 

“I literally used that thing every single day until it caught fire,” Krzeminski said. “Then I bought a new one and did it all the time.”  

Since she was 11-years-old, Krzeminski has made her own cake mixes and made birthday cakes for her family. However, it wasn’t until she was around 14 that she started experimenting with her own ingredients, later going on to make all her cakes from scratch.  

“This was a form of art for me, freedom, and a stress reliever. I always made stuff for my family, and of course, it tasted terrible at first, but I loved it. And then when I was probably 10 or 11, I started to buy my own cake mixes and make cakes for my family’s birthdays,” Krzeminski said. 

As Krzeminski ’s business flourished in her hometown, her dedication had no bounds. She would sometimes drive nearly an hour to deliver a cake to a customer, and she maintains that dedication here in Tuscaloosa. 

“I have always been busy my whole life. I played three sports in high school year-round. I’ve always liked having a busy schedule,” Krzeminski said. “I don’t really like sitting around much and wasting time in that aspect. So sometimes one of the problems for me is I just take on more than I can handle.”  

Camiz Cakez has been through some ups and downs in the many years she’s been selling cakes, especially as Krzeminski entered college during the pandemic. Her small business waned in her freshman dorm without a kitchen or supplies.  

But as she entered her sophomore year of college, she began selling to her sorority sisters and their families. She even made some cakes for her sorority’s social events.  

“One of my favorite most recent ones was a cake I did for my housekeeper’s 60th birthday,” Krzeminski said. “It was a two-tiered chocolate drip cake. Her name is Belinda, and I call her B, so there were little bumblebees on it.”  

Krzeminski said that some of her favorite cakes have been the ones where her customer has told her to put her creative insight into her work.  

Linda Carroll is one of Krzeminski’s most dedicated customers. 

“They’re just pretty, and they’re so fresh,” Carroll said. 

Carroll said her favorite cake so far has been a Valentine’s Day cake with little pink and red hearts decorated on the side. One of Carroll’s favorite memories with Camiz Cakes was when she gifted a grieving friend a cake and brightened her day. 

Both Carrol and Krzeminski said Camiz Cakez is made with much love.  

If interested in ordering, you can fill out a request here.