SGA allocates over $60,000 to student organizations in October

Alex Gravlee, Contributing Writer

The Student Government Association Financial Affairs Committee presented the October 2022 funding allocations at the Oct. 27 senate session. The Senate voted unanimously to approve an allotment of $63,110 to 20 student organizations to fulfill various activities and equipment requests.   

The act approved 96.7% of the total requested funding by eligible organizations.  

Twenty-one organizations requested funding and 20 received approval. Dance Alabama! did not receive its requested $2,500 because it failed to receive advisor approval before the funding request deadline. 

The total amount of requested funds between the 21 organizations totaled $77,496, which was then reviewed by the FAC and reduced to $65,203.  

Just under $2,100 was then removed from that amount due to the $7,500 funding cap allowed per organization and a $500 funding cap per person for traveling. Some funding was additionally cut because of monetary requests for “merchandise and beverages not allowed for funding,” per the Senate docket. 

Student organizations that were granted over $4,500 included Bama Racing, the Queer Student Association, National Standard Speech Language and Hearing, and Alpha Psi Omega. These organizations all requested funding for equipment except the QSA, which plans to use the funds to hold a guest event featuring a drag queen. 

“The SGA is thankful to have the opportunity to aid our fellow student organizations on campus in this way,” said SGA Press Secretary Trinity Hunter in a statement.  

Sen. John McLendon, the chair of the Financial Affairs Senate Committee, declined to comment on the approval of the funding requests.