Preview: A student-led look through time at Broadway through an evening at the Cabaret

Makayla Maxwell, Contributing Writer

The University’s Department of Theatre and Dance presents the Broadway Cabaret, an evening of song and entertainment reflecting Broadway in the past century. The event will be intimate, consisting of 15 student-chosen songs, allowing the audience a deeper view into the personalities and interests of the performers. 


Who: The Department of Theatre and Dance 

What: UA Broadway Cabaret 

Where: The District Room in downtown Tuscaloosa 

When: Thursday, Oct. 6 at 7:30 p.m. 


“Cabaret is really just a description of human beings getting together to put together a show of songs,” said Matt Davis, the director of the show and assistant professor of theatre. “The humans that are singing are themselves. The interpretation of the lyrics isn’t related to them being in character, but they’re telling little stories or vignettes about their personal lives.” 

Davis said that the students will not be the only performers. William Martin and Luvada Harrison, vocal teachers within the department, will be joining the production and singing alongside the 11 students in the show. Davis also said he was excited to work with Henry Lewers, an assistant professor of musical theatre, who acts as the musical director on this production. 

“Seeing them develop over the last three or four weeks of rehearsal has been really cool, to see them take on a brand-new art form related to the Cabaret and to have them excel at it,” Davis said. 

Davis’s extensive career in theater, specifically in the art of cabaret, allowed him to lead this production. As a long-time aficionado of the theater, Davis said that he hopes his appreciation of cabaret, and that of his students, will reach the audience. 

“I’m always proud of our students whenever they tackle a new genre, or a new mode of sharing artistry,” Davis said. “And I think that that’s one really cool thing that this Cabaret is doing, it’s having them explore their artistry through a very individual lens, and I’m looking forward for our supporters through the Theater Alliance and everybody else who’s coming to the Cabaret to see them in that light.” 

Tickets are currently sold out.