Preview: University Programs Hosts “A Night of Hypnotism with Chris Jones” 

William Pimentel, Contributing Writer

If students are seeking a unique experience to stick with them for much time to come, look no further than “A Night of Hypnotism with Chris Jones.” 

     Who: The students of UA. 

     What: A night of entertainment by hypnotist Chris Jones. 

     When: Friday, Sept. 23, 8 p.m. 

     Where: UA Student Center Theater 

Come Friday night, the skeptics, naysayers and doubters will have their mettle tested when famed hypnotist Chris Jones performs his craft for the students of The University of Alabama at the Student Center Theater. 

The craft wowed the judges of America’s Got Talent when Jones performed for them in 2015 and convinced Howie Mendel that he was not the germaphobe that he is. The act consists of the uncanny ability to convince selected audience-goers of all kinds of trickery. 

“He’ll convince students that he looks like Drake. He’s done that in the past,” said Erica Nordlund, the assistant director of University Programs. 

Customary for events hosted by University Programs, the event is entirely free, as long as one has their event pass ready at hand. To that end, Nordlund urges all to “come early and make sure you download your event pass” for the sake of seating. The theater may fill up before the curtain is drawn. 

Nordlund said that, much like everything else put on by the organization, this event is “for students, by students,” and students conceived of the idea themselves over the summer, in search of a fun and unique way to appeal to the masses. 

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